Air In Line. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate new technology to remove the Air in Line previously demonstrated. This new technology will remove the bubbles, thereby preventing frequent alarms, alarm fatigue, and possible air embolism to the patient.
You are viewing the new technology invented by Dr. Richard Green.
The new technology is in conjunction with the infusion line, prior to the pump, to prevent dangerous air bubbles reaching the patient.
To prove the efficacy of the new invention, I am going to inject air into the infusion line at the v-port.
I have injected a bolus of air in the line, you can see the air bubbles traveling through the infusion line.
Now observe the bubbles going into the chamber that is acting as a trap for AIR that would otherwise go downstream and set off the alarm, and shut down the pump.
I am going to repeat the demonstration, air injected into the v-port, bubbles being trapped and thereby avoiding the shut down of the infusion pump.
Now you have observed the automatic removal of Air In Line in infusion therapy.
This new Technology will prevent billion of dollars of wasted nurse labor to remove the air in line and reset the pump.